Holacracy or Anarchy 4 Strategies to Let Go of Organisational Hierarchy

Posted by: adpindia on 23 April 2017 in HR, Innovation

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When Zappos, the online shoe and clothing shop, famously gave their employees an ultimatum to embrace holacracy or leave, the HR and business worlds took notice. One of the retail industry's most successful players was embracing a somewhat radical HR notion: the idea of dismantling departments and empowering employees to self-manage. The company believed that more relaxed management structures could generate better business results and better fit workers' desire for a more flexible environment.According to the ADP Research Institute® study ‘The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workforce’, 64 percent of workers felt positively about less structured work environments. There's an increasing expectation of self-sufficiency, as well, with 72 percent of employees believing they'll solve problems with self-service. At the same time, employees want more freedom: 78 percent of employees want to control their own schedules, and…

Demystifying the Secrets of Global Human Resources

Posted by: adpindia on 16 April 2017 in HR, Multinational & Globalization

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Globalisation Drives Demand for Global HR solutionsThere is little doubt that the economies worldwide are increasingly global. The internet has brought humankind together more quickly and cohesively than any technology that preceded it. News travels around the world instantaneously, culture crosses borders, and brands rise to global levels overnight.To capitalise on this digital globalisation trend, many companies need a physical presence in the regions they want to do business. But while information travels efficiently globally, organisations often find they need to claim ownership in the countries they want to do business. Activities such as sales operations, order fulfilment, and customer service often require a physical presence. Watch the video: Global Challenges for HCM Professionals to learn more about how the globalisation trend is driving the demand for global Human Resources (HR).However, current global HR solutions are often inadequate and unable…

Increase Employee Motivation in Your Company

Posted by: adpindia on 9 April 2017 in Non classé

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The ability to retain the best employees is an important part of a company's growth. When evaluating ways to increase retention, the effect of positive employee motivation is often overlooked. However, there are many benefits to having motivated employees: increased productivity, increased engagement and accountability, increased job satisfaction and decreased absenteeism. All of these benefits can lead directly to higher retention as well as increased productivity and morale. How can you improve employee motivation in your company? The answer can be found in understanding and identifying the primary motivators in your company.Understanding Employee MotivatorsA recent study found that as employee motivation improves, the business' stock enjoys higher subsequent returns the following year. Depending on the nature and size of a company and its workforce, there can be a wide array of motivators. Six common motivators include:    •    Compensation    •    Flexibility  …

Eliminating Repetitive Work Can Boost Productivity

Posted by: adpindia on 2 April 2017 in HR

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Continuing advances in technology and automation will be eliminating repetitive work in the offices of the future, according to The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace report from the ADP Research Institute®. Extensive review of existing research on the future of work, as well as interactive qualitative discussions with employers and employees from across the globe was conducted. To build upon this initial understanding, in-depth quantitative research was launched to understand the extent to which certain trends are happening today or are expected in the future, how these trends will impact individuals, and the connection between each trend and deeper human needs among each audience. One of the key findings to emerge was that automation, smart machines and artificial intelligence will conduct repetitive work, replacing the need for people to complete these tasks.
While the possibility of…

Business Agility Through Integrated Systems: The HR Impact

Posted by: adpindia on 19 March 2017 in Human Capital Management, Payroll

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Agility is now a critical consideration for any business. How quickly can you adapt to new markets, effectively complete mergers, or implement new technology initiatives, while concurrently managing payroll, talent retention, and personnel evaluation systems? In addition, the fragmented and outdated HR tools pose a risk and speak to the need for better business agility through integrated systems.
Here's a look at the evolving role and impact of HR systems on company-wide agility.
Holding Back
HR professionals across Europe know all too well the frustration of multiple, fragmented systems. If legacy payroll solutions don't play nicely with accounting tools and compensation systems can't align with performance evaluation offerings the result is a chaotic mess – one that makes it almost impossible for HR departments to adjust or embrace new technologies. This is especially problematic if your organisation has plans to open satellite offices…